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The Homeowners Association was created to protect the property values and enhance the quality of life for all homeowners. The HOA also oversees the efficient operation and maintenance of the entire community.

Assessments are $100.00 per month.

Assessments are due on the 1st day of each month.
You may pay by check made out to:
Ridgewood Heights HOA, Inc. 575 Rio Grande Dr., Grand Junction, CO 81501

Homeowners may pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. We encourage you to pay via an automatic check—this is typically a free service your bank provides. Take the monthly hassle off your plate and ask your bank how to set up an automatic check. All they need is the amount and the mailing address and you won’t ever have to write or mail that check again! Your property address MUST be on your check to ensure proper credit to your account.

Your monthly assessments cover the following expenses:
  • All home landscape maintenance, including mowing; trimming and weeding; spring start up and fall shut down and blow out plus seasonal adjusting of your sprinkler system.
  • Replacement of any dead trees or shrubs on homeowner’s property; repair of sprinkler systems including replacement of broken parts.
  • All common area landscape maintenance including spring clean-up; pre-emergent weed control; payment of all common area water and utility bills; maintenance of all common area fencing and retaining walls; operation, repair and maintenance of the common area sprinkler system including spring start up and fall blow out and winterization.
  • Annual certification of your backflow preventer as required by the city of Grand Junction.
  • The HOA is not responsible for satellite dishes or the stucco, roof, etc. damage caused by their installation. No satellite dishes may be installed without an application.
  • The HOA maintains insurance on all homes; the insurance covers the replacement of your home to the interior drywall in the event of a total loss.
  • Removal of snow from driveways and sidewalks following a snowfall of 2” or more. Snow removal from the streets is the responsibility of the city of Grand Junction. Please note: no salt, ice melt or products of that type may be used on our sidewalks, driveways or patios. Homeowners will be charged a special assessment for repairs incurred from any damage caused by the use of these materials. Use sand or “kitty litter” on any icy areas on your property or have heat tape installed on your roof and gutters. The HOA is NOT responsible for heat tape installation or damage.
  • All accounting and payment of taxes for the Association. 

Homeowner responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Proper insurance for their homes for all items not covered by HOA insurance.
  • Interior maintenance (including paint, appliances, plumbing & mechanical, windows & doors, etc.).
  • Maintenance of all homeowner fences, pergolas, awnings, yard decorations, etc.
  • Property taxes, trash removal, and all utilities including water, sewer, gas & electric, phone, internet & TV.

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